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Small hook machine development trend

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      Labor costs are getting more expensive these days,Many areas of production are slowly moving towards mechanization,Small hook machine is undoubtedly a very good alternative machinery,However, because the standard small hook machine can not fully meet its production and life needs,So it is urgent to make the hook machine,In this way, we can produce the most suitable hook machine for our own use。

      People slowly from physical labor into mental labor, a lot of work previously completed by manual, now have become a small hook machine to complete, like floor decoration, there is a small hook machine to help, will make the project speed accelerated in a straight line。There are now more popular greenhouses, landscaping, digging trenches and planting trees need a very small size of small hook machine to be suitable, so miniaturization will be another hot spot in the development trend of small hook machine。

      Small hook machine was originally used mechanical pull rod operation, slowly due to its low efficiency, gradually replaced by full hydraulic pilot operation, at present, basically only in the country can occasionally see some mechanical operation of small hook machine, now all transition to pilot operation。

      However, due to the complexity of some operating environments,We also need to make changes on the basis of the above,More common is the remote control,One is wireless remote control,One is wired remote control,With the continuous development of electronic technology,The hook machine also realizes modular manufacturing,Full computer control also makes the hook machine more understanding of you,Not only in the performance has a huge improvement,It also achieved a breakthrough in energy consumption。

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