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What are the technical essentials of the hook machine leveling operation

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      Hook leveling is one of the basic operating skills that a driver must master, and the level of leveling technology is an important indicator of a driver's skill。So when the hook machine hand leveling operation generally need to master what technical essentials?Let's find out。

      Leveling the station is first to level and stand firm, and the position below the track is first leveled between the leveling。Let the track stand on a smooth and practical ground, so as to ensure that the driver will not make mistakes when the eye, leveling the work is half of the success。

      The choice of reference material directly affects the overall flatness of the ground。Visually locate the high point and location of the ground, then find a reference point at the high end of the ground, leveling from the high point to the low point。Dig out the soil above the reference point and fill in the low-lying area, which is roughly flat。

      Drop the big arm of the hook slightly, the bucket rod is vertical to the ground, and the movement range of the bucket rod is about 45 degrees。The bucket is opened so that the mouth of the bucket is basically level with the forearm。After the bucket touches the ground, draw the lower arm and lift the upper arm to pull the soil back;After trimming the width of a shovel, move the fuselage in order to level it one by one。

      After the fine leveling is completed, the individual high or low points are levelled according to the specific situation, and finally the entire site is levelled。For large area leveling, do not dig too wide each time, generally the width of the two cars is almost the same, and the error will become larger when the width is dug。Conditional hook machine hand as much as possible to use the level to make reference。

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